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Turkish Rational DOS & SINGLIX Operation System Project by Erdogan Tan


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SINGLIX: Single User (Interface) Executer (Operation System) as MULTI USER, MULTI TASKING (MULTIX) system prototype.

 (Interim operation system between DOS and the new/future TR-MULTIX)

Nowadays, i am working on SINGLIX OS, after long preparations to learn (know) and decide how to make a complete new system, faster, smaller, simpler etc.

At first (for SINGLIX),  i have worked on FS (MULTIX, ATA, ATAPI) file system drafts and with a several revisions, i have decided to use the last formats of FS volumes. (See trfs1.html, fdt1.html, ddt1.html, rdt1.html) Also, i have trained the first FS & SINGLIX bootable disk demo. (IF THE SINGLIX-MULTIX PROJECTS WILL BE SUCCESSFULL AND FAMOUS, that file must be remembered as the first SINGLIX code: MULTIXFD.ASM, an msdos program which formats bootable singlix 1.44 MB floppy disk, DEMO!. Of course, boot code and startup file code will be changed, later, time by time. BUT current FS0 file system sample is almost stable from now.)

I think to do as follows:

* To develop real mode SINGLIX with BIG REAL MODE (4GB Data segment.) with SINGLIX real mode system calls. (TR-DOS?)

* To develop/build SINGLIX by using MICROSOFT Macro ASSEMBLER (May I have to make it MICROSOFT DOS EXECUTABLE compatible!? Except DOS system calls!? I mean COM and EXE files running under SINGLIX system!?)

* To develop Protected Mode SINGLIX kernel and kernel (installable, DIRECT DRIVE) modules (no dlls, no classic driver files). Protected Mode without PAGING. Flat Memory model. System Side Operation (Ring 0 PL). User Side Operation (Ring 3 PL), may be compatible with Virtual Processor/CPU -a TR-MULTIX feature in the project.- Virtual term is not "real mode" application running under Protected Mode. Here, Meaning of Virtual is the non-intel, non-x86 processor. A bit same with Microsoft .NET concept, Virtual CPU may be standardization and portability feature of singlix code, in future... (Virtual CPU/Processor module can compile/link Virtual CPU code to local machine's software architecture, or perhaps my favorite CPU manufacturer AMD can make a real CPU as one to one equivalent of multix Virtual CPU, in future!?)

* In ms windows, every task or window does somethings by messages to it. (WINDOWS: Message driven Operation System). So, if any messages will be ignored, system will hang! Or window will freze. Program does not response! IN SINGLIX, everywhere at memory, everypoint at screen (i mean mouse pointer), will be handled by Main Program (Task Manager Software). For example: Mouse signals, will be checked by Main program (Main GUI Module) at first then, it will be passed to active program's mouse procedure, not any message, direct jump to related where. So, for a click outside an active program window/areas, will not be handled by active program. IN SINGLIX every screen point will be pointed by owner task/program pointer. So GUI manager will know what is it has to do. SINGLIX: Event driven Operation System (without chron... or clock driven task manager...)

* CHRON: Multi tasking module... CHRONIC MULTI TASKING... Task switching/management by timer signals... (IF IT WILL BE ABLE TO COME TO THIS STAGE... Without faulties... The CHRON module will convert SINGLIX to MULTIX... In otherwords, SINGLIX with CHRONIC MULTI TASKING is MULTIX.)

DIRECTDRIVE ( Erdogan TAN) Software:

I had written my own "directdrive concept" draft many days ago, of course, i have to change somethings about/inside it; but, i will not change the text for now. Please see my directdrive.html for understanding my target about directdrive term/subject and Virtual CPU and Modular Kernel/OS subject.


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