TR-DOS Project - Last Update:  01 April 2006



 Turkish Rational DOS  (SINGLIX project)

* FS 1 and FS 2 File Names may be up to 64 chars. File description text is 128 bytes and file parameters table lenght is 64 bytes. Every FDT is 512 bytes, the first 256 bytes are used for basic features and other 256 bytes are used for optional information about the file. (FDT0 is the master FDT and point FDT1 address if it is used. FDT1 points FDT2 address, so on. All FDTs of the file point the Directory Descripton Table which the file is in. FDT0 has a checksum that shows Filename and FDT are correctly linked or valid. When Operation System searches for a file, at the first, it does checksum comparison and then name comparison. Filename Checksum is an 8 bit value. The value at FDT0 offset 32 is Filename Checksum.)


TR-DOS (TR-MULTIX) File Systems Main Format:

  • FS1: 32 bit LBA, 512 bytes per sector
  • FS2: 32 bit LBA, 2048 bytes per sector


How DOS Starts Up ?


TR-DOS Run Time System (Operation system components for running DOS applications and utilities.) would be derived from FREEDOS. But i have decided to continue on a different way. You will see TR-DOS will bring somethings as very different:

A standalone (run time and boot time executable, does not use dos interrupts except int 20h terminator) MS-DOS program:

! STANDALONE DOS Program ! (does not use INT 21h)

(Gives detailed information by using masterboot, boot sectors and rombios features, about Partitions, disks, logical dos drives)

DRVINFO.COM : Lists logical dos drives, BPB tables


Main target of TR-DOS is to support SINGLIX/MULTIX development and external hardware controls. As FAST as Possible execution is basic target... TR-DOS Operation System project is the precedessor of Turkish Rational "Transaction" System Projects.

TRDOS Kernel Drafts:

include DRV_INIT.ASM
include CMD_INTR.ASM
include INT_21H.ASM

 TRDOS.COM (TRDOS.ZIP) -under development-

TRFDBOOT.ASM (Trdos floppy boot sector rebuilder.)

FDFORMAT.ASM (Makes 1.44 MB FAT12 System Disk.)
When TRDOS.COM is in the root directory, fd is bootable
and the procedure is "Loading Operation System TRDOS ..."; otherwise, "Replace the disk and press any key to reboot." is standard boot sector message.


ISO 9660 FS

 ATAPI Inquiry

 ATA & ATAPI Identify Drive