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Welcome to "MisterBOOT Fatal Error" Web Page... Here, you will find full source code of JO.SYS or fake IO.SYS file for alternative boot purposes. That concept depends on Windows 95/98/ME Boot Sector Trick: JO.SYS or GO.SYS... Author: Erdogan Tan...  Status: FREEWARE BOOT UTILITY...  Not a computer viruse...


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Features: JOKE.COM is a simple IO.SYS which starts with fake warning for formatting drive C: or continue to start windows by pressing key "" (ALT+128). If user can not find/press "", program runs a fake format procedure; after that, (OF COURSE) starts Microsoft Windows. Misterboot Joke program has a "time trigger" feature. When the time passed the triggering time, program will show it's  JOKE (viruse like) face. Otherwise, it will hide itself during boot.

How to install JOKE program to your friend's computer:

If your friend's computer has FAT16 formatted drive C:, you can use ONE of following methods:

Method 1) Save JOKE.COM as JO.SYS in "C:\>". Change file's attributes to "System + Hidden + Read only".

Method 2) Rename IO.SYS as GO.SYS in "C:\>". Save JOKE.COM as IO.SYS in directory "C:\>". Change file's attributes to "System + Hidden + Read only".

If your your friend's computer has FAT32 formatted drive C:, you can use only the 2'nd method.

How to clean that boring joke on my computer ? (If you ask that):

* Search GO.SYS file in the root directory of drive C: If it is there then erase fake IO.SYS (with size of 830 bytes, if it is an original JOKE.COM) and rename GO.SYS as IO.SYS.

* If there is no GO.SYS but Misterboot joke is active, you must erase JO.SYS file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: JOKE.COM is not a viruse. It is a harmless boot utility. Please see TR-DOS main page for JO.SYS and/or TRIO.SYS details.

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