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File Name    	 File Size     Description
fakedemo_src.zip      107K     Intro Competetion Source Codes, Samples (1993, TASM)
4bbs_intro.zip	      236K     BBS Intros, ASM Source Codes & BINHEX.EXE (1996, TASM)
1k_source.zip	       12K     Assembly 96 INTRO (1996, TASM)
flames.zip              3K     Flame Intro (Modified by Erdogan Tan, MASM, 2005)
flag.zip		5K     Flag Intro by Carlos Hasan (MASM Modification by E.T.)
firewall.zip 	        9K     Flame Intro (1996, MASM Modification by Erdogan Tan)
flame184.zip 	        3K     Flame Intro (1996, MASM Modification by Erdogan Tan)
flamer.zip 	        4K     Flame Intro (1996, MASM Modification by Erdogan Tan)
vga_vul1.zip 	       12K     Intro with Starfield Effect (1995, TASM)
vga_vul4.zip 	        9K     3D Cube Animation Intro (TASM, 1995)
4ge_frac.zip 	       11K     Fractal Intro (1995, TASM)
mandala.zip 	       14K     3D Animation Intro (1997, TASM)
texture_map.zip       111K     Texture-Mapped Polygon Animation Intro (1993, TASM)
asm_intro1.zip        111K     Other Simple&Good Intros (Turbo Assembler, Turbo C)
Download USEFUL (DOS) Development FILES:

BINOBJ.EXE : Converts any binary file to object file for linking with an ASM file.
BIN2HEX.EXE : Converts binary file to text file of hexadecimakl numbers (include...)
PKLITE.EXE : Compresses EXE/COM files   pkzip.exe pkunzip.exe  EXE2BIN.EXE

TASM.ZIP   : Borland Turbo Assembler Version 3.2 Files (Compiler, Linker, Debugger)

MSQC.ZIP   : Microsoft QuickC 1.0 Package

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