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Retro UNIX 8086 v1 operating system has been developed by Erdogan Tan as a special purposed derivation of original UNIX v1 (by Ken Thompson, 1970-1972).


Source code has been ported from PDP-11 Unix assembler syntax to Microsoft Macro Assembler (INTEL x86 real mode) syntax and original unix source code has been modified for IBM PC/AT compatibility with standard ROM BIOS functions, without dropping/removing original UNIX v1 multitasking (time-sharing) features.


Retro UNIX 386 v1 is 32 bit (80386 protected mode) version of Retro UNIX 8086 v1. Retro UNIX 386 v1 operating system kernel and binaries have been written in assembly language syntax of Netwide Assembler (NASM).


Retro UNIX is a predecessor to SINGLIX operating system project.

  ...with respect to the original UNIX inventors...

Ken Thompson & Dennis Ritchie (1972)

Ken Thompson (sitting) and Dennis Ritchie working together at a PDP-11 (1972).



Last Update: 27/07/2022