while tmodplay.prg program is playing a module file as stereo with two (stereo) scopes (640*480x16)

while tinyply3.prg program is playing a module file as stereo with one (mono) scope (320*200*256)

MainProg returns to command prompt after a keypress while tinyply3 program is running (via MAINPROG.CFG).

MAINPROG.CFG file is startup configuration and commands batch file of TRDOS 386 operating system.

trdos386.cmd starts TRDOS 386 operating system in QEMU (with SB16 config); a.img is disk A:, bb.img is disk B:.



In order to test TRDOS 386 Operating System
(by using QEMU computer emulation software):

Download trdos386_qemu_demo_28_10_2017.zip and extract it into a directory/folder.

2) Click on (and run) trdos386.cmd command file. (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

3) TRDOS 386 Operating System kernel (TRDOS386.SYS) will be loaded by the boot sector of A: disk (a.img) and internal command interpreter of the kernel (the MainProg) will run at first.

(MainProg is a simple/mini command interpreter which has ability to run internal commands and external PRG files, it is a bit similar to MSDOS 'command.com' commands and COM files. But, PRG files are 32 bit protected mode program files and they use 32 bit TRDOS 386 system calls instead of MSDOS kernel function calls in 16 bit x86 real mode.)

4) MainProg will check MAINPROG.CFG file and if the file exists in root directory, then, MainProg will execute all internal or external commands in the file, by row order.

5) After the last command row, MainProg will return to command prompt...

6) User can try other PRG files, just writing file name (with or without .PRG extension).

   For example (writing SNCOMNI at command prompt):


   starts SNCOMNI.PRG VGA (3D) demo program (in A: disk)..

  or writing "tinyply3 b:/thecrab" starts to play "thecrab.mod" music file in the root dir of B: disk (bb.img).

  (or writing "tmodplay hpnautic" starts to play "hpnautic.mod" module file in the root directory of A: disk.)

7) DIR, CD, DATE, TIME, COPY, SHOW (type), DEL, MKDIR, RMDIR, ATTRIB, VOLUME, A:, B: (change drive) commands are internal commands and most of them are very similar to internal commands of COMMAND.COM.
(Type ? at the command prompt to see valid internal commands...) 


  TinyModPlayer Files

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