There was a business man from Chicago going on a business trip to San Antonio. Everyone was telling him to visit Bert's Chili House, it has world famous chili. So after he arrived and did his business he went looking for Bert's Chili House. To his surprise there was a line outside the door to get a bowl of chili. He could smell the chili, and normally he wouldn't wait in line especially for chili, but this smelled so good. Well the guy finally gets inside and gets a seat.

"What'll ya have?", asked the waitress.

"Well, I heard you have some world famous chili and I could smell it outside the door, and that is what I really have my heart set on."

"Welp I sure am sorry, that guy over there got the last bowl. He don't seem to be eaten it though, just staring at it, you might go see if you can talk him out of it."

So the guy walks over to him, "Hi, I was told you got the last bowl of chili?"

"Yep, that's what they told me"

"Well, are you going to eat it?"

"Nope, have at it."

So the guy tastes it. "Oh man, that is the best chili I have ever eaten." he starts scarfing it down. He gets down to almost the bottom of the bowl and finds a mouse. He uncontrollably starts barfing right back into the bowl.

The guy said, " Yep, that was as far as I got too."